Ivy Copenhagen - NOOS Johanna Kick Flare wash Copenhagen 51 Denim Blue

1.299,00 NOK
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Nyhet fra Ivy Copenhagen - "Johanna".

Tøff og trendy slengbukse i ny gråfarge.

Modellen har et medium høyt liv, sitter godt etter over hoftepartiet og slepper ut i sleng i lengden. Klassisk femlommer som lukkes med glidelås og knapp i front.

Buksen har en kort / cropped lengde.

What characterizes IVY EARTH is our curious and experimental approach to sustainability, always on the hunt

to utilize new inventions.

Materiale: Organic Cotton 84% Polyester 14% Elastan 2%

With every EARTH garment, we are working to ensure that the processes we use are kinder to the planet and people. All products are made from more sustainable fibers that have significantly less

Impact on our environment. The high contents of organic cotton and sustainable yarn is evident throughout this first collection of IVY EARTH styles.